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Ferrari F450

Ferrari F450

Welcome to the new entry level prancing horse. Replacing the F430 take a look at the new F450 being rolled onto the back of a truck in Italy. As you can see, it’s pretty much a complete transformation with sweeping lines and side air intakes. Power is rumoured to come from a 4.5-litre V8 engine pushing out around 500bhp thanks to modified mechanicals including a higher rev limit.

The gearbox will be new too, with seven-speed double clutch unit. Also loose rumours on it being the first road car to incorporate KERS. Used on Formula One racers, the kinetic energy recovery system turns energy saved from braking into extra power. But I doubt it as Ferrari have not even released that information about their F1 cars for the coming season yet.

The Ferrari is due to make it’s debut this year, possibly at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. Thanks to AE for pics.

The New Ferrari F450

The New Ferrari F450



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