Find Your Passion: Paddle-boarding

There may be that October chill in the air, but the sun still seems to be shining more often than not and we can’t help but drift back to a quite amazing summer. At the start of the year we noticed a big boom in SUP (Stand Up Paddle-boarding) – and whilst we had done it before in Australia, the UK didn’t have a massive following, until now. So when Alfa Romeo challenged us to #FindYourPassion then it was a pretty easy choice! We were going to go on a little SUP roadtrip!

So we packed up our shorts, suntan lotion and paddleboard into (and onto) the all new Alfa Romeo Giulietta Veloce and headed towards to blue skies (and more murky seas) of the Norfolk Coast. The new Giulietta Veloce is Alfa’s current premium hatch. With 240 BHP it isn’t quite hot hatch territory but it is a huge heap of fun and perfect for a quick adventure. Whilst very much a smaller car in the hatch category, there is a lot more space than you originally give it credit. We had all our kit, the paddle-board and an inflatable two man canoe stuff into the boot space alone!

Alfa Romeo and SUP at Cromer

What is SUP?

So, what is SUP? Well SUP is referring to ‘Stand Up Paddle-Boarding’ and is in brutal terms, where you stand up on a floating board (think surfboard but more stable) and paddle yourself around till your hearts content. This is most often done inland (rivers, lakes etc.) but you can also paddle-board in the sea during calmer conditions but it instantly takes on a whole new level of difficulty.

Equipment wise you will be looking for a special SUP Board, which can either be solid or inflatable (like ours). Whilst you would think inflatable would make things more difficult, you wouldn’t believe how stable and rigid these things are. You can’t even really tell the difference between a solid and inflatable one, seriously. Overall, SUP boards will be a little longer than a surfboard as well as deeper and wider for stability. After that you will need a flotation type device (lifevest) for when you fall in and a paddle to propel yourself.

The Road Trip

We didn’t want to just try one location, we wanted to explore and a Paddle-Board teamed with the was the perfect package. We picked some beautiful spots around the Norfolk Coast but also decided that the broads and in-land was where the real gems could be found. The ocean is often baron and with not much to see, so if you are going to try your hand at Paddle-Boarding, start off inland where you will be able to silently glide around quiet areas and get up close and personal to various wildlife.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Veloce

Again, the small size of the Giulietta was ideal to be able to drive down little tracks and find hidden gems in the Norfolk countryside. Though to look at, the Alfa may not be the most inconspicuous. When it comes to looks, there is no denying the Alfa Romeo Giulietta is one of the best looking around. Alfa’s have always been famed for their good looks (well, they are Italian) and the new Giulietta Volce is no different. It screams an element of fun and adventure about it, and we had a lot of admiring glances loading and unloading our kit with people around us. it’s the perfect weekender where bland and boring just won’t do.

We have had the best summer with Alfa and our Paddle-Board – and think it is about time you get out there and do the same. Join the conversation with #FindYourPassion and @AlfaRomeoUK, or watch the video below:

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Veloce at Cromer Stand UP Paddle Boarding on Norfolk Broads