We are pretty big here on anything that is better for the planet, so when JCB announced their first ever zero emissions, electric digger (well, mini excavator) we were rather excited! Wll it is now more than a pipe dreams with the first 50 machines being delivered to customers.

First Electric JCB Digger Launches

The very robotic sounding 19C-1E are manufactured here in the UK at Cheadle, Staffordshire but shipping across the world. Now of course with any electric vehicle it is often not just the emissions that are the positive. The new electric digger is 5 times quieter than the matching diesel which makes it perfect for internal applications and city streets.

The new electric JCB can be fully charged from flat in just two hours and should give a full working days run-time though there isn’t an official figure on this which is possibly a little worrying. But customers will save on both fuel and servicing over the digger’s lifetime.

Hopefully we can count down the days until major cities have emissions tax on works and not just cars / lorries.



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