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Ford Active Noise Control

Ford have released info on some new technology which can make your car work like a giant pair of noise-cancelling headphones! Pretty awesomely, Ford’s Active Noise Control tech emits sound waves that cancel out unwanted sounds in the cabin such as engine, transmission and wind noise.

At its most basic, Ford’s Active Noise Control uses three microphones, strategically placed in the cabin, to detect undesirable noises from the engine and transmission. The active system counteracts those noises with opposing sound waves from the audio system – without affecting volume levels of music and conversation.

Another innovation is an acoustic glass which is used in the front windows and the windscreen. Thinner than a human hair, acoustic glass reduces the intrusion of wind noise caused by air flow around the window pillars.

This new Active Noise Control will feature in the new Mondeo Vignale and there’s more noise-cancelling features too. By using foam rather than fibreglass for engine bay insulation, the Mondeo Vignale achieves a reduction in powertrain noise transferred to the cabin of up to 2 decibels.

Sound proofing within the underbody shields, wheel arch liners and front and rear doors block tyre noise, and the new integral link rear suspension also contributes to a reduction in road noise experienced of up to 3 decibels.

The customised audio system itself has been developed by engineers at Sony to ensure that only the best acoustics are delivered to Joes on the road. Comprising of 12 top-of-range speakers and a sophisticated DSP amplifier, we’d be surprised if Sony couldn’t deliver an Audio System that does just the trick!

Ford’s Active Noise Control debuts on the all-new Ford Mondeo Vignale but the American giants say that it’ll soon be offered on other Ford vehicles too. If it works, this is an awesome piece of innovation that we can’t wait to try out!




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