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Ford Focus RS500 Special Edition
Ford Focus RS500

Ford Focus RS500

Ford have just pre-sold all of their special edition Focus RS500 of which there were 500 (surprisingly)… The hot hatch, which was priced at £35,450 has matt black paint, ultra low profile tyres, tinted windows and an enormous rear wing as well as a little extra ooomph!

Under the bonnet, the turbocharged engine has a bigger intercooler, uprated fuel pump, new air box and a larger diameter exhaust. These mods and a few tricks with the ECU means you can expect a 45bhp increase in power, going up to345bhp, as well as a small rise in torque from 325lb ft to 339lb ft. This brings the RS500 in-line with a standard Porsche 911, and all for less than £35K!

Now at present we aren’t lucky enough to get a drive in it, but rumours have it that this is probably one of the best hot hatches of all time. Along with the power, the handling and ride is truely sublime, and this is already earmarked as a future classic.

Ford Focus RS500 Limited Edition

Ford Focus RS500 Limited Edition



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