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Ford Transit is 50

The Ford Transit has often been dubbed the ‘Backbone of Britain’, so we’re here to celebrate the humble van as it reaches its 50th birthday!

We’re not the only ones who love the Transit either. In 1973 a travel agency launched a Transit bus tour, from England to Australia, and bank robbers love the Transit too! The Met Police once called the Transit ‘Britain’s most wanted van’ claiming that the Ford Transit was used in 955 of bank raid, “it’s the perfect getaway vehicle.”

The Transit has also been known to have its fair share of laughs as well. In 1965, 48 students from Barking College set a record by squeezing themselves into a Transit minibus. The Transit was also the world’s first van to take to the air, leaping over 15 cars!

While we’ve established they’re capable of incredible fun, it shouldn’t be forgotten that van sales and usage have also been boosted the success of many new small businesses in the UK especially. For example, construction trades like painting, plastering and plumbing have shown rapid growth, with more than 24,000 new businesses established in 2013, 30 per cent more than in 2010.

Since the Ford Transit’s introduction in 1965, over 2,500,000 Transit vans will have been registered in this country by the end of its 50th year on sale. Not only that, it will have been the top-selling UK van for all of those 50 years, and with almost 8,000,000 vans built, you could line them up end-to-end to circle the globe!

A half century after Ford introduced the iconic Transit, commercial vans still make a significant and growing economic contribution to us here in the UK. But it’s also loved in Europe with the Transit has helping to make Ford the second best-selling commercial vehicle brand in Europe in the first six months of 2015. And long may it continue!

So here’s to you, Ford Transit. Enjoy your 50th birthday!




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