Amazon and Garmin are bringing Alexa to your car for the first time. Known as the Garmin Speak, the new collaborative device can be placed and set up in your car like a standard GPS device. But it’s not just your new sat-nav, it also brings with it the full spectrum of the Alexa features to your on-the-go lifestyle.

Amazon and Garmin Are Bringing Alexa to Your Car

This small Garmin Speak device combines the hands-free convenience of Amazon’s popular Alexa Voice Service technology with reliable Garmin GPS street navigation. From listening to music and audiobooks to hearing the latest breaking news and tracking weather conditions, the Garmin Speak allows you to do it all through voice commands.

The GPS navigation system gives you turn-by-turn directions to specific destinations, and now you don’t even need to programme it. By simply saying, “Alexa, ask Garmin…”, you’ll get to anywhere you want to go. The device provides spoken directions with street names and shows arrows with audio prompts to indicate which lane you need to be in for your next turn or upcoming exit.


But the Alexa experience doesn’t end when you reach your destination. Adding to the diverse range of functions, once you get home, the Garmin Speak goes with you. Place orders for home delivery of goods or food, create shopping and to-do lists, update your calendar, and remotely control smart home automation such as lights, locks and thermostat.

The Garmin Speak works by pairing up with your smartphone, so it does require downloading the free Garmin Speak app and some Bluetooth. It also uses your phone’s data to stream Alexa responses through your vehicle’s stereo system via Bluetooth or AUX. But really, none of that is anything new or difficult to resolve.

The Garmin Speak is available now in the US over at the Garmin Website where it’s priced at $149.99. There’s no word on UK release date or price point as of yet but we’ll keep you updated as soon as any word comes out.




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