While owning a regular yacht would obviously be cool enough for us, we do like the sound of owning one the most luxurious high performance sports boats in the world. Especially the rather awesome looking Super Sports SS18 by Glider Yachts.

Glider Yachts Super Sports SS18

With perfect sea-worthy blend of performance and luxury, the Glider Super Sports SS18 is the ultimate statement in high speed, futuristic design and pure luxury. It’s so highly manufactured that it’s engineered and built in the same custom-made manner found in the latest F1 cars.

Based in the UK, Glider Yachts are ‘driven by a passion for unsurpassed comfort, speed and performance.’ Every Glider Yacht is hand-crafted and unique each owner’s tastes and preferences with the use of the latest advanced marine composites and finest materials.

Glider Yachts Super Sports SS18 3
The SS18 incorporates a bespoke open cockpit for a pilot and 4 guests. Glider say it gives unprecedented levels of comfort, stability, manoeuvrability and agility too. That’s all thanks to its unique design which makes it look like it’s levitating out of the water.

Glider Yachts Super Sports SS18 4
But how quick is the Glider SS 18? Well this beauty has a ‘safe controllable’ power capable of reaching 56+knots at all times to ensure your destination is reached with maximum efficiency. But who wants safe? If you really want to cut loose, it chucks out 3400bhp with a 0-60mph of 3.5 secs and a top speed of over 96+knots. That’s rapid.

For details on the awesome Glider Yachts Super Sports SS 18, head over to the Glider Yachts Website where prices start at around the £1million mark.

Glider Yachts Super Sports SS18 1



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