For those aspiring to be the talk of the clubhouse and who are far too cool for a boring run of the mill golf cart, there is another option. The Golf Cart Hovercraft devised by Bubba Watson and Oakley.

Golf Cart Hovercraft

For something so awesome to look at, it still looks remotely like your normal cart just with the twist of having a single 65bhp engine and a 9 blade fan strapped to the back. The 2 cylinder engine propels the Golf Buggy Hovercraft along the fairway and towards the green at speeds of up to 45mph. It seats four and has the space for up to two sets of clubs in the storage behind the rear seats, and should you need more space it comes with a trailer too.


Designed as a collaboration between golf pro Bubba Watson & sponsor Oakley the Hovercraft offers unrivalled course mobility and access to your ball no matter where it ends up, like some lily pads?

The Golf Cart Hovercraft will set you back a pretty startling £38,000, so its likely you will have your own golf course in your back garden if you can justify buying one, but nonetheless it is a pretty epic piece of kit.

Looks like a lot of fun for Bubba Watson in the Golf Cart Hovercraft video below!



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