This Autonomous Robotic Bar Could be Coming to a Road Near You

Last summer, Italian architect Carlo Ratti unveiled the Nino; a new robotic cocktail maker which could be installed in bars and make “any drink in seconds.” Not content with stationary cocktail making, Ratti has gone one step further with the Guido; a driverless vehicle that would make on-demand cocktails for city-dwellers wherever they may be.

Billed as the world’s first self-driving bar unit, Guido (Italian for “I drive”) was devised to offer new leisure experiences in urban environments. The driverless drinks cart has a unit with two mechanical arms; one for shaking and stirring, and another for pouring and serving. It’s so efficient that the makers say it can accurately prepare and serve any drink within 15 seconds.

The concept is a development on Ratti’s mass-market robotic cocktail maker, Nino, which can mix an infinite variety of cocktails using up to 170 bottles of different spirits stored in its overhead rack. To order, customers currently use a smartphone app.


Guido would use a similar concept with the mobile bar meeting them at their current location. The system would also be able to scan a customer’s ID to verify their age, and allow them to pay using their mobile phone.

As it stands the Guido driverless robotic bar is just a concept, but Carlo Ratti Associati does plan to put wheels in motion later his year. Find out more about Carlo Ratti’s concepts over at the Carlo Ratti Associati Website.


Last year, The Creator burger restaurant concept was unveiled in San Francisco, with a burger being made entirely by robots every 15 seconds.