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Hareide Design 108M Mega Yacht

If you’re a regular user of luxury mega yachts, like we obviously are here at Average Joes, you’ll know that most now function as giant floating hotels with an interior based on traditional luxury. Well, Norwegian industrial design studio Hareide Design are looking to bring maritime focus back to the outdoors with their beautiful 108M Mega Yacht.

The 108M Mega Yacht has been built with the concept of bringing the luxury outdoors so Joes and Janes can ‘experience the beauty of nature and the changing elements.’ As such, the 108M comes with an elevated dining and viewing area, a large tranquil garden on deck, and naturally there’s also a 20m pool which seamlessly transitions into the ocean at the stern.

Hareide Design is an award winning industrial design studio which was established back in the late 90s. Since their inception, they’ve acquired over 20 awards from the Norwegian Design Council, among others, for their work across a wide range of industries including product, automotive and, obviously, maritime.

Hareide Design 108M Mega Yacht 4
While the exterior is the focus with the 108M, it does also come with plenty of space indoors. The main grand hall, for example, is a multifunctional space perfect for entertaining thanks to the unprecedented views it gives over the ship. The décor is subtle and oozes modern sophistication thanks to its Scandinavian origins.

Hareide Design 108M Mega Yacht 5
To power this giant, the 108M comes with 300 square metres of high efficiency solar panels to provide the ship with sustainable energy and enough power for slow cruising along quiet shorelines. For longer distances and higher speed journeys, you’ll also have the option of diesel-electric propulsion. Oh, and you’ll get a helipad too!

For more information on the Hareide Design 108M Mega Yacht, head over to the Hareide Design Website.

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