British Young Guns: Harry Hunt

If the Olympics has done one thing, it has showed us how Great, Britain really is (did you see what I did there?!). Well in our new series, we shall be scouring the lands for the very best in young British Talent from the world of sport. Including golf, football, rugby, motorsport and pretty much everything else in between. To start us off, we caught up with upcoming Rally Driver, Harry Hunt.


Harry Hunt




London, England


Rally Driver


IRC 2 Wheel Drive Champion 2010, Current 2012 IRC 2 Wheel Drive Leader

Harry Hunt

We met Harry over in Belgium where he was competing at Ypres in the Intercontinental Rally Championship (IRC). The IRC has previously been known as a feeder series to the much more well known WRC, however now owned by Eurosport, IRC probably has a much wider TV audience than its larger sibling and continues to go from strength to strength.

At 24 years old, although Harry is one of the younger drivers to be making a name for himself on the rally circuit, he is still experienced. In his debut full season during 2010, he walked away with 3 championship titles, including the IRC 2WD category. A win that saw him switch from his beloved Ford Fiesta, to an all new, more powerful Citroen DS3.

After mixed success in 2011; getting used to the new car and set-up, 2012 has been a run of positives, currently leading the season by 26 points after 8 rounds, with 5 rallies remaining, and an impressive recent run in a 4WD car in Rallye Mont Blanc, France left him 12th overall.

Harry himself is actually perhaps not quite what you would expect from someone who drives through trees and buildings at over 100 kph. Although quietly confident, it certainly doesn’t ooze from him or become anywhere near arrogant like some. He likes his car and set-up to be perfect, and you get the feeling that even slight problems may put a small seed of doubt in his mind. That, perhaps and his younger, more playful side is seen in his car graphics. Retro computer games a complete win!


He is gracious upon winning, as well as defeat when things don’t quite go his way. Although obviously disappointed, his personality allows him to concentrate on the positives from the rally, and build on it. The success isn’t purely down to Harry, a superbly talented team and supportive family help the cause, including now long term co-driver Robbie Durrant (planning maestro and tech head).

What’s next for Harry, well the man himself has said that he wants to secure a factory drive within a couple of years. If not, it will be back to the drawing board and decision time for the man from London.

We of course wish Harry and the team the best of luck, and we will keep you updated on his progress.