CES 2019 is underway in Las Vegas and that means tech companies and auto manufacturers alike get to be as outlandish as they like with bold concept claims. And the award for ‘Most Bonkers Concept’ this year undoubtedly goes to Hyundai who have revealed a concept for a vehicle with robotic legs. Yes, a walking car.

Hyundai Unveils Walking Car Concept

Hyundai’s Elevate concept is an electric car with robotic legs that can be extended to drive and be used for walking. The idea is designed to help emergency workers and first responders travel across harsh terrain in the event of a natural disaster.

The Elevate is designed around a module electric vehicle chassis with interchangeable bodies that can be swapped depending on the situation and environment. Four robotic legs extend from the body, giving the vehicle the option of driving, walking or climbing in any direction across different landscapes.


It’s a bold concept on paper but Hyundai claim most of the tech behind it is sound. The design relies on Hyundai’s latest electric actuator technology, which grants the vehicle’s robotic leg architecture six degrees of freedom at the vertical hip, horizontal hip, knee, ankle, steering and wheel.


With its wheels fully extended, the Elevate can cross landscapes easier than most capable off-roaders, while the two walking modes – ‘reptilian’, where the legs are positioned outwards either side of the body, and ‘mammalian’, where the legs point out in front and behind the body – mean it can deliver aid much quicker than traditional methods.

Hyundai say the legs on the Elevate can be folded up and stowed away when in a normal driving mode and can reach highway speeds like an ordinary car. Obviously it’s just a concept and it’ll almost certainly never be made, but Transformer cars are always going to capture our attention!


In other CES 2019 news, LG have finally unveiled the production ready R9 TV, otherwise known as the world’s first rollable 4K OLED TV.



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