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Infiniti Q50 Review

The all new Infiniti Q50 marks a major milestone for the newest brand to the luxury car segment. Selling less than 1000 units throughout the UK in 2012, Infiniti needed a change in direction, and they have certainly achieved that.

Firstly the Q50 is much less ‘American’ than previous models, yes North America accounts for some 80% of their sales, but we all know that pitching an American car to the UK market rarely works and there is something quite refreshing and dare I say it, European about the Q50.

Infiniti Q50 on the Road

Direct, if I had to choose a single word to describe the Q50 and its contact with the road, direct would be it. Lot’s will be made of the new steer-by-wire, and rightly so. With no physical connection between the steering wheel and the front wheels, the Q50 boasts the fastest steering response on a production car. Ever. This leads to vehicle that, once used to, you can place on the road at your choosing and with the best possible feel. Negative feedback is removed, so your car may go through a bump in the road but the steering wheel and ultimately your hands will never know. Something that feels a little un-natural to start, but could well be the way forward.

Currently there are two powertrains options available, the 2.2 diesel and the Hybrid which marries a 3.5 Litre V6 to an electric motor. Whilst in comparison the diesel appears sluggish to the Hybrid, the improved fuel economy will appeal to those business users amongst us. Even though it comes with a higher price tag, the Hybrid is sure to retain a higher value in years to come with a higher specification. And pushing out a healthy 364 BHP, at 5.1 seconds (stated) to 62mph it is certainly no slouch.

Infiniti Q50 Interior and Technology

One of the biggest areas of potential with the all new Infiniti Q50 is the in-touch system, and you get the feeling they know it. 2 touch screens are present, the top for information display (Sat Nav etc.) whilst the bottom is a vibrant screen with more options and information than you could ever want. Including popular apps such as email, Twitter and Facebook and of course the option to add many many more over time, it really could be a jewel in crown. With rumours and talk of opening up the platform (based on Android) to developers, it would be very cool to see Infiniti pushing the technology envelope.

The interior of the Q50 feels spacious and clean. With so much emphasis on that touch system, the dash is uncluttered and you will find only the essential buttons in view. The car measures some 10 cm longer than the current BMW 3 Series so it really is as roomy as it feels, and even in the back I felt comfortable at all 6 foot 3 inches of me.

Infiniti Q50 Exterior

Facing up straight against the Audi A4 and BMW 3 Series, thankfully the Infiniti isn’t as clinical and well, German as its competitors. Although one of our followers (@AntonyBailey) described the front as ‘Looks like a Volvo and a Subaru had a dirty car baby.’, we can assure you it is much more beautiful than that. When in motion the front is aggressive, and whilst the rear doesn’t quite scream luxury and premium, there are much worse cars to be following along the road. All in all the design connects to be quite slick with plenty of pleasing aesthetics.

Infiniti Q50 Review Verdict

Aiming to a create an emotional response and connection with it’s driver, the all new Infiniti Q50 is very much at the forefront of things to come from the Hong Kong based brand in the coming years. It’s more European feel will no doubt make huge strides for Infiniti in the UK Market, and assuming the technology is continually updated, it may be a car that just keeps on going.


Review Models Stats:

Infiniti Q50S Hybrid AWD. £41,625; 0-60mph 5.1 secs; Top Speed Limited to 155mph; Economy 41.5 mpg; CO2 159g/km, Engine 3500cc V6 Petrol; Power 364PS; Weight from 1641kg; Gearbox 7 speed auto.



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