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Jaguar F-Type V6S Review

The new Jaguar F-Type feels like it has been around a while, the media fanfare has certainly done its job; a short film with Damian Lewis, the eerie soundtrack from Lana Del Rey and of course adverts making you just want to jump in one. But what is it actually like to drive? Read on for our Jaguar F-Type Review.

There are 3 models available, the entry level V6, the mid range V6S and the beast that is the V8S, we took to the stunningly picturesque and windy roads of Northern Italy for a couple of days in the Jaguar F-Type V6S to see if this Jaguar lives up to expectations.


Jaguar F-Type Style

This is a soft-top, and if you ever want to drive with the roof up, this might not be the car for you. Even in light rain we refused to press the button, it just doesn’t seem in the spirit of things really does it? Yes it’s still a beautiful car with the roof up, but it is a stunningly beautiful car with the top down. It seems at ease with itself, confident, with a touch of swagger.

The rear of this car has been touted as one of the most shapely rears ever to grace the motoring world, and there really is no doubting it’s quite magical aesthetics. In the Jaguar V6S you get the twin pipes in the centre, kind of motorbike-esq, in the V8 though, they are split to each side. Across the car, simple and strong lines are key to the design, something installed by Ian Callum and his design team, every thing about this car just seems to flow. The Jaguar F-Type has taken styling cues from the very best of Jaguar over the last 70 years.

Jaguar F-Type On the Road

The poise and balance is something else. It gives you complete confidence in the car and its abilities, knowing that every touch you make transfers to the road. The V6S didn’t growl as I thought it might, all the sound you hear comes from the rear end and a synthetic popping that is added through braking and gear changing. It is a great sounding car, but for me it seemed to be more of a purr than a growl. Don’t get me wrong, it’s loud. But maybe in a less brutal way than I was expecting.

You will want to put the hammer down as soon as you sit in this car. You feel at ease. The low down driving position, the feeling of being cocooned in your cockpit, ready to drive this car as it was designed to be driven. This isn’t a large tourer, this isn’t meant for long distances driving miss daisy. The Jaguar F-Type is for feeling, for fun, for excitement, for driving.

And you get plenty of it, the V6 pushes out a healthy 375bhp and 339lb ft of torque meaning 60mph pops up in just 4.8 seconds, and will top out at 171mph.

Adjusting the suspension to soft and driving in standard mode does give you a slight sense of calm, but it won’t take long before you are just itching to flick the rocker back in to sport mode. It’s easy to drive, you can of course let the car do all the work in auto, but to get every last ounce out of this car, you will want to pull across the shifter into manual using the stick itself or the more usable paddles.

Jaguar F-Type Interior

In the cockpit you are low, very low, race like even, it helps you to feel at one with the roads and gives you the type of confidence that Superman would feel hovering over the tarmac. Even though you are so low, it should be noted that at 6 foot 3 my head popped above the windscreen, making for very messy hair. But hey, it’s all for the fun.

In terms of technology, does it really matter? I think there is a media player, though any thought of using it whilst those exhausts are popping and purring behind your head would be sacrilege. The sat nav was surprisingly good, quick to update and recognise when you fancied going off-piste for some extra driving. The dual use buttons work well controlling the climate and heated seats, remember, this is a convertible, you will be needing both of them!

Jaguar F-Type V6S Review Verdict

Now it has to be said that we were treated to some of the most amazing roads I have ever had the pleasure of driving on, but still it is easy of me to say that the all new Jaguar F-Type is the most fun I have ever had on 4 wheels. The F-Type isn’t a car that turns heads, it turns crowds. At £67,500 it isn’t a bargain, but when compared to it’s competition, it actually is. One of finest cars to grace our roads in the last 20 years, an E-Type it may not be, but the next generation, certainly so.

Review Model Stats:
Jaguar F-Type V6S Price £67,500; 0-60mph 4.8sec; Top speed 171mph; Economy 31mpg; CO2 213g/km; Kerb weight from 1614kg; Engine 2955cc V6 Petrol; Power 380PS; Gearbox 8 speed Quickshift.



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