Jaguar may well compete in Formula E, but the iconic British manufacturer can’t keep its racing escapees confined to land. Yes, having teamed up with Vector Racing and Williams Advanced Engineering, Jaguar has just set a new world speed record for electric speed boats.

Jaguar Vector Racing Breaks World Electric Speed Boat Record

Jaguar achieved the feat in the Jaguar Vector V20E electric racing boat when it achieved an average speed of 88.61 mph over two passes at the Lake District’s Coniston Water – the sight for numerous water-speed record attempts. The speed may not seem all that impressive, but given its nearly 12 mph faster than the previous record, it’s not to be sniffed at.

Though no technical details have been released about the record, Jaguar did say in its press release than some of technology used was from their Formula E race car – and we don’t think that’s just the Williams Advanced Engineering battery packs, which have been used by the entire Formula E grid since the series started.


It doesn’t look like Jaguar will start selling boats any time soon, and the project was more about showcases electric potential on the water more than anything else. But it’s certainly interesting to see what can be achieved and does illustrate Jaguar’s commitment to all-electric vehicle following the release of I-PACE earlier this year.

Jaguar Vector have said that the team is planning on setting additional records over the next 18 months, so stay tuned. Check out a diary from the world electric boat record below…



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