Jeep Mud Mask

If you’re an off-roader type of Joe and like to make your ride look as such but can’t find the time to hit the wilderness, then Jeep might just have the answer in the form of their very own Mud Mask!

Yes, Jeep has launched an authentic mud mask to give you SUV owners in the city that authentic off-road look. Made from 100% real earth, the Jeep Mud Mask contains everything that you’d need to look like a true adventurer. Mainly dirt.

“So you’re telling me Jeep are selling actual dirt in a jar?” we hear you ask. Well, yes. Exactly that. It’s being billed as a ‘Limited Edition emergency product specifically for use when suffering from under-Adventure withdrawal.’

Jeep claim that ‘more and more Jeeps and their owners suffer from the consequences of urban existence’ and this has led to an ‘endless desire for adventure.’ Hence the invention of the Mud Mask.

Jeep Mud Mask Can
Of course, it’s a little tongue-in-cheek but it’s still quite beautifully packaged and is still most definitely limited edition! Launched by the German Jeep team with the German GQ’ Man of the Year, Elyas M’Barek, there’s only 75 of these exclusive tins available.

Directions for use of the Jeep Mud Mask are brilliantly simple too with instructions on the tin saying ‘just add water’ but only if ‘real adventure is not an option.’ They even suggest adding leaves too.

If you can’t imagine life without dirt of on your ride, don’t have your own garden and absolutely must have of a tin of the Jeep Mud Mask, you’ll need to enter your details on the German Jeep Website where they’re holding a lucky dip!

Jeep Mud Mask