Ken Block Gymkhana World Tour Vienna


Now you all know we love Ken Block, cars, women, and pretty much anything crazy. Well all of the aforementioned are featured in the latest video, as the Gymkhana World Tour reaches Vienna in Austria!

The first thing that strikes us is the sheer amount of people that turned out to watch Ken in action, not only that but just how closes Ken gets to them in his Ford Fiesta! Over 25,000 turned out for the very first stop of the tour which also includes Masters of Dirt freestyle motocross crew, including Blake “Bilko” Williams and Adam Jones. And of course a plethora of hot women (1:57 in the video!).

“Ever since we filmed the first Gymkhana video, I have wanted to be able to bring this type of action to a place where people can watch it live, and Gymkhana World Tour does exactly that,”

said Block.

“I’m super stoked on the staggering turnout we had in Austria. It was just amazing to have such an enormous crowd be able to witness the hooning so close, and to see everyone enjoy it so much.”

The tour has three main legs and will head to Los Angeles, California, on Saturday, July 23rd, followed by the final stop in Melbourne, Australia, on Saturday, September 3rd.