The name Lamborghini is rather special. It set’s pulses racing in any car enthusiast and when they release something new, everyone sits up and take notice. Such a special brand brings with it a waiting list and as such I had never even sat in one, let alone let loose behind the wheel. Well, every dog has it’s day and over a recent long weekend I was allowed 4 glorious ones as we managed to grab the new Lamborghini Huracan 580-2 for review. Let’s see what happens when an Average Joe gets put in a Lamborghini..

Lamborghini Huracan 580-2 Review

First things first. I am probably a bit different from others. Whilst I liked the Lambo’s of old, I am more of a, dare I say it, an English gent. As such my heart has always laid firmly with the likes of Aston. I have been lucky enough to drive a fair few and they are quintessentially English. They were also my overall favourite drives. Not for the drive alone of course, but for the overall prestige and heritage, they really couldn’t be beaten.

So when a bright red / orange Lamborghini started rolling off the lorry, I felt like I had left my wife at the country estate whilst I popped to London to party with a modern version of Paris Hilton (whoever that might be). It was bright, brash and very much not me. I don’t like to be looked at – I much prefer to be listening and not talking – I do not enjoy being the centre of attention. That just disappeared.


To look at, the Lamborghini Huracan 580-2 is jaw dropping. I am not sure if it is the best looking car in the world, but I tell you what – it probably isn’t far off. In the flesh it just begs to be looked at. It’s low of course, so low that at 6 foot 4, I could probably nearly rest my vegetables on the roof. Yes, it’s pretty low. It’s not just the height though, I just think this car is incredibly well proportioned. The nose is short and angry, the angle perfect for if you ever need to flip your friends car onto two wheels. The air intakes give unmissable lines to the side of the car whilst at the same time changing air pressure so much your ears want to pop. The rear, well the rear is the rear. And it’s got more attitude than a Kardashian. The vents down the rear window above the engine bay roll effortlessly to the back. Then it’s typical Lamborghini with strong angular lines outlining the most perfect of rears. Minimal branding means people often ask ‘What model is it?’. There haven’t been many Huracans let loose in sleepy Norfolk it seems.

The height of the car also means it isn’t the glamorous thing to get in and out off. One friend managed to get his leg stuck and ended up sitting on the pavement and another older friend’s knee clicked so he gave up before even crossing the helm. But to be fair, it isn’t as bad as some. And I managed to get in and out of it pretty easily after a few tries. If I could change one thing it would probably be the door configuration though. A wide car and wider doors is no easy thing to park. Up and overs would have been the way and I heard a rumour you can get them done for about £30K..


However, once you do manage to climb in, this car goes from beautiful to damn right naughty. The original Huracan was only available in 4 wheel drive – and whilst a pleasure, was slated a little for being rail like. Quick but less of the fun. As such Lamborghini have gone back to Valentino Balboni and the 2009 Gallardo LP550-2 for inspiration and creating their first rear wheel drive car for a number of years. Power is slightly reduced from 602 horses to the 580 found here. But less weight and the rear wheel drive make this a far more pleasurable drive. A driver’s car, a car where you actually need to concentrate to get the best out of this purest of mechanical pleasures. Push it a touch too hard and that backend will twitch like a royal with a sneeze. Now of course, modern day traction and electrical aids won’t let it step out completely (we think!). Those addons along with specially designed Pirelli P-Zero rubber allow you to feel very much in control and hands on with everything.

Speed and acceleration doesn’t come into it. It’s quick, really, really fucking quick. But if you want figures this little Radio Control car look-alike will push you to 62 in 3.4 seconds and all the way to 199. All in something lower than my waist.. When you do push it it’s so quick it pushes you back into your seat and brings a smile to your face so broad you may as well have just seen England win the Euros. The only thing quicker than the car was my heart racing more than it possibly ever has before. At one point I actually thought it popped through my skin and unbuttoned my shirt to double check.


Speed is one thing. But spend can only be truly appreciated with comfort. OK, that is a complete lie. The Huracan is probably the most uncomfortable thing I have ever sat in. EVER. It is very much the fault of the upgraded sport seats and I am sure. But whilst they look they part, you don’t want to be upgrading to them. Unless you at a minimum get a matching cushion – seriously, we took it on a 2 hour drive to Silverstone and took a pillow each to relieve the numbness!

The rest of the cabin though is well finished. It’s quality throughout with obviously Italian-esq elements sneaking through on rocker buttons and the like. Anything technology is straight out of Audi. Good systems that work well, but the buttons that control them could have been tweaked a little. A standard black plastic is one of the few places this car actually let’s itself down.

When it comes to the Lamborghini Huracan 580-2, it’s not just the drive or car though. It’s a very strange feeling, drive anywhere and people sit-up and take notice. One guy was so intent on pointing and telling his wife to look he actually managed to go over the kerb of a round-about as he wasn’t concentrating. You go through any built up area and kids will shout, people of all ages will take pictures, point, comment and stare. Can’t imagine it? It’s like being King for a day.


I would probably say the Lamborghini Huracan 580-2 is the best looking car they have produced in the last few years. It is exquisite. It took me as a sophisticated gent and shook me upside down until my pocket square fell out. It made me understand why those with money choose an all-out super car as a weekender when I hadn’t really fully appreciated the concept before.

It’s the most fun I have ever had in any object (take that as you will) and if there was one car I could drive all over again, this would be it. If you have a spare 160K go and order yourself one. If you don’t, sell your house and then buy one. I’m debating it, but my mum would call me reckless.

Thanks to Pirelli for helping me realise a life long dream and apologies to Pirelli about the lack of returned rubber.




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