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The new Lamborghini LP650-4

The new Lamborghini LP650-4

Ahead of next months Geneva Motor Show, Someone at Lambo has decided to ‘leak’ a few details of the new Lamborghini LP650-4. It is touted as the fastest open topped car Lamborghini has ever produced and with just 50 being sold it will also be one of the most exclusive.

Stats suggest a top speed of over 205mph and power is rumored to come from the Reventon’s (Released at last year’s Geneva Motor Show) 6.5-litre, V12 engine, running at 650bhp and using the same e-gear automatic gearbox.

As you can see the car will be kitted out in a special black and orange colour scheme, both internally and ex.

Autoblog / AE for pics! Props!



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