Lamborghini Debut First-Ever Sian Hybrid V12 Supercar

It’s official: Lambo has gone hybrid. Due to be revealed at the Frankfurt motor show later this month, Lamborghini’s new limited edition toy is called the Sian and will it will sit above the Aventador SVJ in terms of price, but most importantly power and performance.

Unlike the hybrids being launched by other manufacturers, this is no silent, eco-friendly Lambo. Instead the hybrid system only subtly assists the Sian’s naturally aspirated 6.5-litre V12 engine. In other words, it’ll still chuck out some serious power and won’t be winning any green awards. That said, it does come with a lighter supercapacitor.

Supercapacitors differ from traditional battery packs used in electric cars by absorbing and expelling energy far more quickly. However, they are less effective at holding on to a charge over a long period of time. Lamborghini claim that their Sian supercapacitor will recharge to full after just one braking application.


That 34bhp electric motor is boosted along a rather sizeable 774bhp V12, which combines things for a peak power of 808bhp at 8500rpm. That’s enough for a 0-62mph of 2.8sec, the same as the SVJ, but the 40-70mph time is over a second faster. Essentially it’s a beast.


Aesthetics-wise, the Sian is aggressive to say the least and is apparently inspired by Marcello Gandini’s iconic 1974 Countach LP400 with NACA ducts on each side of the body. Inside it’s a combo of the Aventador’s feel with the new Huracán Evo’s touchscreen interface.

Currently there’s no official release date for the Lamborghini Sian but it will be produced in extremely limited numbers —63 units to be exact. It’ll also set you back around £3 million. Find out more over at the Lamborghini Website.


Last month Hyundai officially released the latest version of their Sonata hybrid. Now on sale in South Korea, the new model features solar panels on its roof to help charge its battery.