Not that we ever really needed any confirmation that LEGO wasn’t just for kids, but the Danish block makers have just unveiled an incredibly faithful model of a Bugatti Chiron. With over 3,599 pieces, the strikingly detailed Chiron is one of the most advanced Technic sets ever.

Take a Look at the Incredibly Detailed LEGO Bugatti Chiron

Part of LEGO’s Technic series, the 1:8 scale LEGO Bugatti Chiron aims to capture the true essence of the quintessential hypercar, and as such comes with gleaming aerodynamic bodywork, logoed spoked rims with low-profile tires, and even detailed brake discs.

The accessible cockpit features a Technic 8-speed gearbox with movable paddle gearshift and a steering wheel, which naturally bears the Bugatti emblem. You can even insert a top speed key to switch the active rear wing from handling to top speed position. The W16 engine is also incredible realistic and even features with moving pistons.


LEGO have nailed things to such a degree that the detailed model even includes a tiny Bugatti overnight bag inside a storage compartment hidden under the hood. The 22-inch-long duo-tone blue Chiron comes in premium packaging and with a spare set of rims and collector’s booklet.

The LEGO Technic Bugatti Chiron is available to purchase now over at the LEGO Shop, where it’s priced at £329.99. Much cheaper than the real thing at least!


Ahead of the release of The Last Jedi last December, LEGO unveiled the single most expensive set to ever hit the shelves with the £649.99 Ultimate Collectors Series Millennium Falcon.



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