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Lexus IS 250C Convertible

Lexus IS 250C Convertible

Lexus have announced details of it’s new four-seater convertible dubbed the IS 250C. Based (loosely) on the saloon version, it actually only shares a handful of shared external features with it’s permanently hard-topped sibling. These being the bonnet, headlamps, door handles and mirrors. Everything seems to have been tailored to fit that sweeping 2 piece roof, which takes a mere 20 seconds to open / close.

Upgrades include LED tail-lights, ‘one-touch walk-in’ button (folds seats and slides them forward), heating pads at shoulder height for those colder topless sessions, revised boot space and longer nose & doors.

Interior stays pretty much the same, expect for angles and lighting. So does the 2.5-litre 204bhp V6 with six-speed automatic box. 0-62mph in nine seconds (slow!) and a top speed of 130mph (slower!).

Pricing will start from about 30K going up directly against the BMW and Audi. I loved this car until I saw the stats, hopefully we will see a ‘sport’ version out soon, giving this car the performance it deserves.

Oh and Lexus claim the IS 250C is the only car in its class than can fit a golf bag in when the top is down. OK so it just jumped up a few notches, but what about my trolly?!?

New Lexus Convertible

New Lexus Convertible

New Lexus IS250C Soft-top

New Lexus IS250C Soft-top



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