The Lexus LC 500 is very much concept to production. Whilst Lexus have firmly established themselves as a luxury car contender in their own right (especially in the US) – they don’t really have much that set pulses racing. We popped over to Amsterdam to take a look a the new LC 500 in the flesh and to see if Lexus are about to break the mould.

Lexus LC 500 Preview - Amsterdam

Taking over The Sky Bar at one of Amsterdam’s tallest buildings was never going to be simple for a car reveal, and on arrival the crane lifting the car in high winds was the perfect example. But we didn’t let the weather dampen our spirits. The evening was a ‘sensory‘ experience with food and drink from around the world to reflect the LC 500’s journey before launch.


Of course, the main reason for the visit was always going to be the car, and the LC500 certainly catches the eye. It is incredibly brash and bold, exactly what you would expect from a car which whilst will be sold in Europe, you can see edges towards a slightly more US centric market. The exterior looks like a full size RC car with it’s long and low nose giving a agressive, yet incredibly sporty stance. The rear is more Viper, with a round and bulbous rear end which takes a while to get used to.

Whilst I didn’t once think it in the flesh, from a distance and side the look is a similar stance to the i8, no bad thing of course! On the inside, it strangely feels more European. The cockpit is more enclosed and reminds my of the first feel when stepping into an F-TYPE for the first time. It’s difficult to tell exactly what the finish will be like as this is of course a pre-production car. But kit seems to be good with a wide range of technology available – though a randomly placed analogue clock..


In terms of performance, little has been confirmed apart from a sub 4.5 second time to 62 miles per hour. Which in today’s world is more hot hatch than luxury sports. That will need to drop to below 4 to spark any excitement amongst the enthusiast. But we do still hold out hope.

It will be interesting to see the how the Lexus LC 500 fairs on full production later this year and we can’t wait to get behind the wheel. For us here in the UK, make sure you check out Goodwood later this month for a special appearance.. We can’t wait!





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