While it might only be a prototype for now, it would be hard not to find the Light Rider interesting at the very least. With the ability to do 0-28mph in just three seconds and a top speed of nearly 50mph, the Light Rider does it all without using a single drop of petrol.

Light Rider 3D Printed Electric Motorbike

The Light Rider is the world’s first 3D printed prototype for an electric motorcycle. It’s been produced by APWorks, a subsidiary of the Airbus Group, who specialise in production processes and aerospace technologies with a focus on metallic 3D printing.

It’s obviously great to look at and a feat of engineering, but how does 3D printing aid the design of the Light Rider? Well, firstly 3D printing enables geometrical freedom to realise such complex shapes.

Light Rider 3D Printed Electric Motorbike 4
The motorbike’s can be created out of thousands of 30µm (one millionth of a metre) thin layers in a metallic powder bed. Its frame is made out of Scalmalloy, an aircraft grade aluminium which is perfect for 3D printing offers the specific strength of titanium, guaranteeing optimal craftsmanship.

The 3D printing also means it’s incredibly lightweight. Weighing in at just 35kg, the Light Rider is probably the world’s lightest motorcycle prototype, with a power-to-weight ratio equalling that of a supercar. Thanks to its revolutionary low weight, it also packs intuitive handling and impressive acceleration.

Light Rider 3D Printed Electric Motorbike 2
Also thanks to its weight, the Light Rider can be powered along by an electric motor. APWorks have opted for a 6kW electric motor, which accelerates the motorcycle prototype with up to 130Nm torques. It currently has a 37-mile range too – perfect for urban commuting in something which is silent, emission-free yet still powerful.

APWorks plan to make an exclusive small series of the Light Rider which will be street legal for everyday use. Head over to the Light Rider Website to keep updated.

Light Rider 3D Printed Electric Motorbike 3
Light Rider 3D Printed Electric Motorbike 5



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