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#LiveFearless with Jaguar

You may remember us reviewing the all new F-TYPE Coupe` in Spain a few months ago, it was a pure pleasure and we often find ourselves drifting back for reminitions of sunshine and sexy cars! Well now you have the chance to experience it all for yourself, as Jaguar would like to give away a week long loan of the new Jaguar F-TYPE Coupe`, and all you have to do is Live Fearless.

As part of their new campaign, they are asking Jaguar lovers to share their fearless experiences with the #livefearless hashtag across social media platforms. And as part of this campaign, they decided to challenge us to Live Fearless for a day. And whilst they turned down our offer to drive an F-TYPE off a cliff in a James Bond-esq movie shot, they did decide they would like to chuck us out of a plane…!

We headed off to Beccles in Suffolk to team up with the guys from UK Parachuting and really test if we had the minerals to be free-falling from 13,000 feet. Thankfully we wouldn’t be trusted to such devices on our own, and there would be a ‘professional’ strapped to us. Whilst we are quite proud to say we weren’t overly nervous in the drive over or even the plane up, but the pure rush and sheer ‘oh no’ when the doors open and you peer over the edge is near un-describable.


A split second as you try to remember everything you were supposed to do, and then air, 40 seconds off free-fall, to soak up the sheer speed, air and try not to get blown away and swallow a bird! Then an immediate hit as the shoot opens, and like a car crash you are jolted what feels like upwards. A silence, am I dead? Thankfully no, just possibly the most peaceful place in the world. No wind, no cars, no birds even. Just silence. As you drift back down to hard earth, take in what just happened whilst appreciating unrivalled serenity. All with a wonderful, huge smile on your face!

We can’t win an F-TYPE loan, but you can. Share you experiences with the #livefearless hastag or visit here for more information.




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