The Lyonheart K, if you haven’t seen it before, is the modern supercar that unashamedly borrows its looks from the Jaguar E-Type. First unveiled in 2012, the car is still in the production process although with a 5 litre engine delivering 567 horsepower and a 0-62 speed of less than 4 seconds, it should be worth the wait.

Lyonheart K sports car

But it’s not just speed and looks (it is incredibly good looking) that mark out the K – it’s also made in Coventry and, as the makers proudly proclaim, ‘every part of a Lyonheart car is developed, engineered, and hand-built in England.’ But with a production run of only 250, it seems doubtful that this car will cause a major shake-up of the British car manufacturing industry.

Whilst 250 may seem a small figure, the original plan was to build only 50, and it was the car’s unexpected popularity that made the increase necessary. Still, the chances of ever seeing one are pretty slim, especially considering that only half of the 250 are going to be sold in Europe, with the remainder going to China and the Middle East. So with numbers like this, you’re likely to see a few dozen real E-Types before spotting even a single one of its more modern counterparts.


Those who like the sound of the Lyonheart K, then, will be pleased to hear that there are actually still a few available to buy and also comes in two forms: a coupé and a convertible. Prices, of course, are predictably steep, although in the domain of the hideously expensive supercar, they’re probably to be expected: €375,000 for the convertible and €360,000 for the coupé.

One issue that remains though is the waiting time. Original delivery time for buyers was estimated at around 18 to 24 months, with production beginning in December of last year. Last month, however, Lyonheart announced that production has been delayed by up to a year, further delaying their new potential owners. This has been put down to a number of reasons, including Lyonheart’s wish to make use of the latest technology, regardless of the ensuing delay. Still, as those awaiting the arrival of their Lyonheart K are doubtless telling themselves, good things come to those who wait.




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