Maserati MC20 – Is this the rebirth of Maserati?

Maserati have been in somewhat of a slump for a while now. Sure they make some nice cars but they don’t make anything that has the flair and style we expect from the Italian brand. They also haven’t had a sports/super car for a long while. That’s all set to change with the new MC20.

This car has been talked about on social media for some time. The rumour mill billed it as a Maserati branded version of the Alfa Romeo 4C with a more powerful V6 engine but now it’s finally here, it’s clearly much more than that. Sure, they may have learnt from what Alfa did to create their first production carbon tub chassis but I can’t see anything in the press release or pictures that makes me think this is a rehash of the somewhat flawed 4C.

The MC20 isn’t just a new car, it’s the start of a new era for Maserati. So the press release says anyway. There’s even a new badge on the nose (although most will struggle to spot the fact that the red trident is now blue). Sarcasm aside, the MC20 does show that Maserati might actually mean business. The look of the MC20 is striking if not beautiful and is stark departure from the slightly dull range they currently offer. It’s clearly a Maserati though and thankfully doesn’t look like a re-bodied version of something else from the FCA stable. It’s compact and sleek with a slight whiff of Lotus Evora about it. In a good way.

The sharp nose and butterfly doors are pure super car. As is the power train. Maserati have managed to get 630hp from the mid-mounted turbo V6 thanks to F1 tech. It also packs a whopping 730Nm of torque that’s put to the rear wheels via an 8 speed twin-clutch ‘box. 0-62 is dealt with in “less than 2.9 seconds” and it’ll hit a top speed of “over 202mph”. Maserati haven’t given us a total weight but says it’s under 1500kg. If it’s close to that figure then it’ll be a bit portly given how much carbon fibre is used to make it. Despite this, it should still be best in class for power to weight.

The MC20 is 100% made in Italy, Modena to be specific and will be a true Italian super car. The power output and V6 engine clearly puts below offerings from its stablemate, Ferrari. For me at least it’s far more appealing than the latest and greatest prancing horses thanks to the compact size and more approachable performance.

Inside things are pretty stark and simple. It works though. There’s the obligatory digital display behind the steering wheel as well as a small (for 2020) central screen. The rest is simple luxury that’s both very sporty and very Maserati. I especially love the detailing on the seats.

The MC20 has a varied future too as there will be racing varients as well as cabrio and electrified versions too. It is available to order from today but no prices have been revealed yet. Hopefully this will be the first in a long line of exciting cars from the Italian marque.