At Average Joes, we have long standing love affair with house boats. Or more specifically, really really cool house boats. Which is why the HydroHouse HH houseboat concept by Russian yacht designer Max Zhivov has really caught our eye.

Max Zhivov HydroHouse HH Houseboat Concept

The HydroHouse HH houseboat concept is all about making it as easy as possible for hydroplanes to land as close to exclusive water-located homes as possible. The idea for the project came about after designer Max Zhivov read several forums of hydroplane pilots claiming there was a lack of mobile water parking for planes.

The result of the very first world problem is the HydroHouse, a combination of a houseboat, a wharf for boats, a garage and water parking for a hydroplane. The house is made from prefabricated modules and comes complete with a living room, master bedroom, two guest bedrooms, bathroom, and garage part. It can also be used as a wharf for boats.


15 metres in length, the HydroHouse has 76m² of floor space and is almost completely clad in solar panels which account for the power used on the boat. Alongside its two electric engines to move things along, the second floor of the boat is an area earmarked for storage of water toys and for sunbathing when the going gets really tough.

The HydroHouse concept was created by yacht designer Max Zhivov. Specialising in all types of vessel design, Zhivov makes exterior and interior design of yachts, trawlers and houseboats with a goal of developing innovative green technologies in yacht design.

Check out more of Max Zhivov’s yacht works over at his Website.




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