Mercedes A-class Concept


Well what do we have here then? Honestly I think we may have a car capable of mixing it with the class of hatches such as the A3, 1 Series and of course the Golf. Welcome the concept for the new 2012 Mercedes A-Class. With lines and looks of the very sexiest production cars of today, could this be the new jewel in Mercedes crown?

Yes gone is the hunchback on Notre Dame and for us it’s about time, the A-Class has always been such an ugly car, bought by those people who like the brand but don’t trust themselves in a real sized car or purely can’t afford it. Replaced by a car aimed at the ‘young and trendy’, perfectly balanced of sporty yet refined.

The most striking part of this concept has to be the styling, much coming from the F800 Style concept and the front grill and large badge just ooze class. To us it’s like the prettier triplet with the 1 Series and even Scirocco standing ugly by it’s side. Surprisingly there is no hybrid here, this is fitted with a 207bhp 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder petrol, which Mercedes dub the BlueEFFICIENCY engine. Power will go to the front wheels via a dual-clutch transmission.

Now the cabin is very concept, it looks like it was pulled straight off the set of the jetsons. Don’t expect anything quite this crazy but we at least expect to be able to fit our smartphones in the dash just to show off. No official 
figures from Merc but expect something in the region of 0-62mph in around 7 seconds and propelling you to 150mph or there abouts.

We expect it to début in the next few weeks at the Shanghai and New York motor shows. Overall? We think Mercedes have a winner with the new A-Class. If they can keep it pretty close to the concept we may be waiting in line when it hits showrooms in early 2012.