Mercedes-Benz Arrow 460 Yacht

It started out life as a concept of the future at Monaco’s 2012 Yacht Show, but Mercedes-Benz have just announced a fully-functioning sellable model for Joes of the new Arrow Arrow 460 Granturismo Edition Yacht – and it is a beauty!

The Mercede-Benz Arrow 460 Granturismo Edition Yacht has been nicknamed the ‘Silver Arrow of the Seas,’ and it’s not a stretch to see why. This sleek, 14 metres long (around 46 feet), luxury cruiser is as pretty as it is rapid, taking on a contemporary aesthetic rarely seen on maritime innovations.

With the capacity for ten Joes, this motor yacht runs on twin Yanmar diesel engines and pumps out 480 horsepower with a top speed plus of 40 knots. If you don’t know your boat speeds – take it from us – that’s ample for a good, clean razz around!

Mercedes Benz Arrow 460 Granturismo Yacht 2
The Arrow 460 was the result of a close collaboration with world-renowned marine architects, Silver Arrows Marine – whose team is responsible for some of the most capable and luxurious sea-worthy motors on the planet today.

The Mercedes-Benz collaboration features large retractable windows which come with their very own windscreens and provide a full 360-degrees view of your ocean surroundings. Inside the hull, you’ll find everything you’d need for a weekend away with an upscale bathroom, a dressing room, high-quality audio systems, air con and even a much welcomed wine cellar!

Mercedes Benz Arrow 460 Granturismo Yacht 3
The boat’s interior furnishings are donned in predominantly premium nubuck leather and eucalyptus wood panelling. Inspired by your watery surroundings, a Blue and Grey colourway dominates the palette.

The Mercedes-Benz Arrow 460 Granturismo Edition Yacht’s price hasn’t been announced yet but initial estimates put this beauty at the £1.2 million mark. Only ten have made, and there’s even a limit of one boat per country. Head over to the Mercedes-Benz Website for more details.

Mercedes Benz Arrow 460 Granturismo Yacht 4