Last updated on May 24th, 2016 at 08:04 pm

Mercedes-Benz Golf Cart Prototype

It’s not often that we get excited about golf buggys twice in a matter of weeks. First up was Bubba Watsons awesome golf hovercraft that can glide around the golf course and of course over water hazards (read about that here). Next up we have a prototype from car giants Mercedes-Benz.

We still haven’t quite worked out why, but lets just go with it. Their design is pretty out there and certainly looks alot better than most super-minis on the road at present. Packed full of tech as you would imagine, this Mercedes-Benz golf buggy has everything you could need while out on the course.

The cart features a joystick to drive and steer, a mounted iPad (which will no doubt track your round), heated/cooling cup holders, double arm suspension, solar roof panel and a button to push when you need to shout fore – we really hope this is linked to a fog horn or similar loud warning signal.

A heads up display on the screen is a really cool feature allowing you to see the hole you are on and updated positions once you have hit your driver down the fairway. With all the features and comforts of a futuristic golf cart, could this make the trusty caddy redundant? And what if Mercedes-Benz teamed up with Siri reading you out distances to the pin and club selection? Golf 2.0 maybe…


So just when you think you can’t get much cooler than a golf cart hovercraft, it turns out you can. Merecedes Benz aren’t planning on making this at the moment unfortunately, so we may have to wait a while until you can take this round your local pitch and putt course.




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