Michelin and General Motors are reinventing the wheel. Literally. The two global juggernauts are rolling out a new airless wheel prototype set to replace traditional tyres that are filled with air, and thus are prone to puncturing.

Michelin and GM Want to Role Out Airless Tyres

Michelin and GM’s airless tyres are called the Uptis Prototype. While it sounds fairly arbitrary, the name stands for ‘Unique Puncture-proof Tire System’ and pair say they’re aiming to make them available by 2024. The prototype is similar to bog stand tyre, but has treads in the middle and no sidewalls.

GM claims the new design is both better for drivers and the environment. For drivers, the new tire eliminates blowouts and flat tires, while on the environmental side of things it uses fewer raw materials. They’re also set to last longer than traditional tyres, which means Michelin and GM are hoping to cut down on rubber waste.


The new tyres are a part of GM’s pledge for zero-emissions and according to Steve Kiefer, GM’s head of global purchasing and supply chain; “Uptis is an ideal fit for propelling the automotive industry into the future, and a great example of how our customers benefit when we collaborate and innovate with our supplier partners.”

Michelin and General Motor will begin testing the airless Uptis Prototype tyre on public roads later this year on a fleet of Chevrolet Bolt car, with Michelin hoping it will be available for purchase beginning in 2024. Find out more over at the Michelin Website.


In other auto news, the last remaining example of the world’s first ever Porsche, the Type 64, is going up for auction in August in Monterey where it’s expected to sell for untold millions.



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