Rewind a few weeks, to the launch of the brand new MINI, and we struck up a discussion to just how male friendly the MINI really is. Although an icon, it is predominantly marked as a female friendly car and we were set a small challenge to put that to the test.

MINI: A Mans Day Out

We wanted to think of a task that would both test the male appeal of the car and it’s practicality when doing things that us males like to do. Thinking of factors such as passenger and boot space, we came up with the idea of building our challenge around a day of Golf. Now golf may not immediately spring to mind as the most masculine of sports, but ever increasing popularity amongst a wider audience made it the perfect match.

So the plan was to take myself and three other Average Joes to a local Golf Club, but not just us, all four of our golf bags and clubs too. It seemed like it was going to be a bit of challenge fitting ourselves and our clubs in the same car, although we were given a fighting chance with a MINI Countryman, although on first inspection the boot space didn’t look too much bigger than that of a regular MINI cooper, and if we had to fold down any seats it was game over before we’d even started.

Take a look at the video below to see how we got on.

Some kind of success in there I think, now we didn’t quite fit all four of us, but we did manage to fit all of the golf bags (minus the drivers) into the boot without having to fold any seats down which I think is quite an achievement considering the size of the car. But alas those longer clubs took our fourth seat, and thus our fourth man. We could have probably pushed it with some clubs across our laps, but it’s not really the comfortable way! Here are a few points about the features of the MINI Countryman and how they helped or hindered our task.

Boot space – On first look, this was a bit of a worry, but it seemed to just keep giving and giving. The added boot space in the Countryman made this challenge possible. The MINI’s boot was big enough to fit FOUR sets of golf clubs in it, that’s not something to look lightly upon, for the size of the car that is quite the achievement. It’s only when you think about how some Jaguars, Mercedes etc, cars that are often seen in golf club car parks, will struggle to fit one golf bag in them, that you realise how well the MINI Countryman did.

Passenger room – The Countryman is really quite surprisingly spacious, especially in the backseats, and compared to a backseat experience that rivals claustrophobia in other cars of the same size, the added leg room made the Countryman tackle our man challenge with ease.

Aesthetic – Sure MINIs will continue to be tarnished with a slightly effeminate brush, but they’re getting closer and closer to looking more unisex and the Countryman is helping with that task for sure. Splash a little mud and hell, it’s something we would have sitting on our drive.


So that’s that, the Countryman passed the test (kind of) and proved itself worthy of our man challenge. We aimed for four people and four sets of golf clubs, we got four sets of golf clubs and three people and I don’t think that’s bad going.

Want to know more about our challenge or the MINI Countryman, leave a comment below.



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