Following in the footsteps of the John Cooper Works Team, and their desire to push the limits of what the MINI can offer, the MINI Space project and French rally driver Guerlain Chicherit have teamed up to perform a full ‘Mini’ back flip in the French Alps. In a MINI.

Mini Back Flip


Chicherit, a regular competitor in the Dakar rally, is no stranger to the taste of danger and the rush of adrenaline. Prior to this Mini Back Flip stunt the Frenchman tested out his first unassisted car based back flip in the slightly more traditional setting of the industrial port of Lyon.

Now, no longer sated by this, Chicherit has performed the trick on the frozen slopes of the Tignes Ski Resort with the French Alps as his striking backdrop.

While you’ve probably seen videos of many a car flipped or thrown into the air Chicherit decided to attempt his backwards somersault unassisted, just as was the case in Lyon. This means there is no mechanized kicker to send the MINI on its way. Just an expert team of engineers plotting the launch, flight and landing, Chicherit’s driving skills and a sprinkling of blind faith.

We guarantee that you haven’t seen a MINI do this before.
You can see the result below…

This latest exploit was part of MINI Space by MINI. In their own words it’s ‘about taking part in creative projects, competitions, events and parties – about getting involved in “Creative Use of Space.” This latest stunt certainly underlines their dedication to this mandate and we can’t wait to see what they’ve got up their sleeve next.



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