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Mini goes large: Mini 5-Door revealed

It’s seems like just the other day that we were introduced to a brand new Mini, but already we have another flavour to choose from. For the first time the new Mini will be offered with five-doors. In fact it will be the first five-door Mini in the car’s 55 year history.

The new model is based on a stretched version of the new Mini we drove earlier this year, with 72mm being added to the wheelbase. It might not sound like much, but that allows for the extra doors and quite a bit more rear leg-room. Think of it as the more family-friendly Mini.

Engine-wise the new Mini 5-Door is pretty much the same. You can opt for a range of Petrol or Diesel engines that vary from frugal to fast. Also joining the range topping Cooper S is a sporty diesel in the form of the Cooper SD. It’ll have 170bhp and bucket loads of torque so should be good for anyone wanting to use their Mini on the motorway, but city-dwellers who want performance are probably best off sticking with the Cooper S.

Looks-wise the new Mini 5-Door is pretty much like the 3-door. It’s a little longer and the rear tapers down to give a slightly sleeker side-profile but other than that it’s classic (new) Mini. Fans of the old Mini Clubman may be disappointed that the cool van-style doors and odd single suicide door has gone in favour of a more traditional design. This is only sensible as the Clubman wasn’t loved by all and as a result the 5-door is bound to be more popular for Mini.

The new Mini 5–door range starts at £15,900 OTR, rising to £20,050 for the Cooper SD version. There is a modest price increase of £600 compared to its 3-door sibling in the same spec. Expect the usual laundry list of options to make your Mini individual to you.

Just like all Minis, this new version will be built in Oxford and will arriving on peoples driveways in the Autumn.

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