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New 2013 Range Rover Revealed

Since the 70’s there has been one luxury 4×4 by which all others are judged. The Range Rover. Despite the 40yr reign there have only been three new models in that time. This is about to change as Land Rover announce an all-new 2013 Range Rover. We’ve known it’s been coming for some time and Land Rover has been extensively testing disguised versions all around the world. Infact I saw one on the M5 just the other week covered in the obligatory new car camouflage.


Land Rover have done well to keep the current L322 platform competitive in a tough market but it’s 2580kg bulk and decade old platform were right for updating. The new model is perfect example of evolution rather than revolution. Land Rover knows its core market and is rightly careful about straying too far from the tried and tested recipe.

The new model boasts a weight saving of over 400kgs thanks to an all-aluminium monocoque body in place of the old steel item. This saving in weight will drastically improve performance and economy whilst helping Land Rover to lower the CO2 output of their range. On road handling will also benefit from this weight saving with Land Rover also updating the air suspension with Adaptive Dynamics that ‘further improve the peerless ride quality’.


One thing all Range Rovers have had in common is that they have been top of their class in off-road capability. This is what Land Rover was founded on and they have never been known to rest on their laurels. The new car features enhanced all-terrain performance with introduction of Land Rover’s Terrain Response 2. The last version of this system was very good indeed so the new system should have no problems staying ahead of the field.

Whilst they are doing all this off-road driving, Range Rover drivers expect to have their buttocks warmed on seats made from the finest cow and look across a dashboard made of wood & metal (and more cow). The new model does not look like it’ll disappoint. The design is very similar to its smaller sibling, the (very well received) Evoque. It has just been taken to a whole new level of luxury and according to Land Rover, provides its occupants with ‘a sensation of serene isolation’. We’re not entirely sure what that really means but it sounds lovely!

It’s all sounding good so far for the big Brit but it all falls down when you see what it looks like. For me, it is neither similar to or different enough from the outgoing model. Gone are the chunky aesthetics we’ve grown to know and love, replaced by a softer, more streamlined look. Somehow it doesn’t work (for me anyway, though I know Joe is a big fan!). It’s not pushing the SUV design envelope like the Evoque did. Equally it’s not playing it safe either, it seems more caught in the middle. Maybe it will grow on us and I imagine it will look better in a darker colour but for now I’m just a little disappointed.


What do you think of the new 2013 Land Rover Range Rover?



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