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New 2015 Ford Focus

The Ford Focus has followed and then exceeded when it came to replacing the famous Escort. With over 7 million units sold in Europe alone, it is one of most popular cars in the world of motoring. Back in 2010 they stepped it up a notch, giving us technology and driving aids above any car on the market, including those costing 10 times as much. And today we are pleased to announce the third coming (well facelift). The all new Ford Focus for 2015.

We popped over to Frankfurt, Germany on Wednesday to preview the car, and have been kept stum ever since. However with the official launch at Mobile World Congress later today (Monday 24 February) we are eventually allowed to reveal all, well at least what we have. 2 body styles will again be available, the 5 door hatch and the estate.

In terms of visuals the first and major change is of course the grill, still pursuing their dream of becoming a mini Aston, the Focus continues the styling cues from the Fiesta, though on a slightly bigger car it just doesn’t look quite as powerful and eye-catching as the Fiesta, and doesn’t have the size to replicate the Fusion. It just seems, well perhaps a little lost which is slightly disappointing. After that the lights have become more streamlined, lesser in height to give the front end a more aggressive appeal which seem to work well, giving a more sporty nose. There aren’t many huge changes that are noticeable unless you have the cars side by side, though the back does flow lower (as seems to be the current trend) and if anything the view from behind looks a little more like the original Focus than the current one. There are also two new colour options to choose from (pictured) Deep Impact Blue and Glacier Blue.

When it comes to Powertrains, the world beating 1.1 litre EcoBoost is of course here and an all new 1.5 litre EcoBoost, based on the same technology but with a few improvements. This 1.5 litre engine will be pushing out 150PS and 180PS whilst maintaining lowest emissions in class, expect it to be another trophy engine as Ford are still avoiding electric technology head on.

Technology will again play a huge part in the new Ford Focus offering with a total of 18 different driver aids available, yes, 18! Including:

  • Active Park Assist
  • Perpendicular Parking
  • Cross Traffic Alert
  • Park-Out Assist
  • Traffic Sign Recognition
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Driver Alert
  • Blind Spot Information System
  • Adaptive Front Lighting System
  • MyKey
  • Pre-Collision Assist system
  • Active City Stop
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Distance Alert and Indication system

It brings me back to my nanny state argument, but assuming all can be turned off quite easily or adjusted, then you can’t but help feel it is for the best. With the introduction of MyKey, you can even set certain safety features to a key, such as maximum revs, and minimising safety features that can be turned off. Perfect if you don’t trust your teenage child out of the house without some kind of leash…


The launch of the 2015 Ford Focus will also see the debut of SYNC2 into Europe, which by and large is one of the best connected systems in terms of technology and our smartphone. The latest version will come with enhanced voice control (though still a little long winded in my opinion) and an 8 inch touch screen as standard. After that the interior is functional, not groundbreaking in typical Ford fashion.

When the all new 2015 Ford Focus is released, it will no doubt become a cornerstone of the market, and set the pace when it comes to technology and driver assistance that other brands will have to follow if they want to stay remotely in touch. We can’t wait.





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