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New Mini

The all new MINI is due to be unveiled to the public this evening in London, and we have managed to get some of the very first official shots. The new MINI is due for release in Spring 2014 and will cost from just over £15, 000. But what else do we know?

Firstly the car is typical MINI, and yet again from a design aspect there is no mistaking that body shape. If anything the car become more classic and original than ever before. It’s actually larger (in every department) than the previous version, nearly 10 whole centimetres in length which if anything give it a more masculine appeal. Along with those circular headlights which seem to be slightly animal, and the rear lights are much more upright than before.

Of course technology was going to be at the heart of the improvements, and we aren’t disappointed. You will find a new LED display for visual feedback and added ambience and a plethora of options, including: Roof and mirror colour contrasts, and a integrated nav system will also be available which will pre-select the gear in Auto depending on the severity of the corner to save fuel. Lastly we will also have the option of adjustable damper control for a sportier or more comforting ride.And those larger dimensions will just mean more room all round.


In terms of under the bonnet you will find three all new engines, including the potential highlight, the all new 3 cylinder petrol pushing out 134bhp. The new MINI Cooper S will have a 4 cylinder developing 189bhp and the new MINI Cooper D will house a 3 cylinder diesel with 114bhp which is apparently boasting a combined cycle of 80.7mpg.

All in all the new MINI has tried to keep within it’s natural and original form, whilst trying to pull itself into the current market with new technology. Will it still have it’s famous ‘go-kart’ handling though? Only time will tell. You can find more information on the new MINI site.




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