New Range Rover 2013 Review

Range Rover, where to start. It is much less of a car or vehicle, and more of a dynasty. A long tradition of country owned by the select was soon dispelled as more and more are seen in our modern cities by anyone who is lucky enough to afford one.

The all new model and fourth incarnation is a hard act for Range Rover. Am I an off-road, rugged machine capable of going anywhere? Am I elegant piece of engineering, built to be sublime? Or am I perhaps, a nimble, kleptomaniac who wants to wow the pants off you with speed and excitement? In the past, 2 have very much been achieved, but could this be the moment for all three? Read on for our full New Range Rover Review 2013.

new range-rover-2013-review

The Detail

You will find 5 engines in the Range Rover Collection, 3 diesels and 2 Petrols. The TDV8 is still here, but a newer, more wily character is also present. The TDV6. With an all new aluminium chassis you gain a 40% weight saving on comparable models of the mark 3, this has allowed Land Rover to include a smaller engine in the range. Although less power won’t mean less pace, and with the addition of better MPG and lower emissions, after driving it, I am pretty sure the new 256BHP TDV6 will probably become the biggest seller.

If you are not convinced though, fear not. You could plumb for the fastest Range Rover ever, the 510 BHP LR-V8 Supercharged which will propel you to 60 mph in just over 5 seconds (0.8 seconds quicker than the old model). Not too shabby for a Goliath off-road king.


Since the first official images were released a few months ago, the exterior, and look / feel of the car have caused the biggest controversy. And that is echoed in our office. Something just never sat right, the all-new Range Rover had somehow lost some of it’s masculinity, spending too much time in make-up with the Evoque perhaps.

In person though, that is all change. Although a slightly lower roof-line, the overall size is of the fourth generation is slightly bigger, and that definitely becomes apparent up close and personal. It’s a car that the more you look at it, the more you come to appreciate it’s good looks. My only slight critiscm would be the rear lights, I am not overly fond of this wrap around style, and from behind, they look a little small and out of proportion.

new range rover 2013 review

On the Road

Although always a comfortable car and a pleasure to cruise, you couldn’t help but feel the previous Range Rover may have been lacking that added punch, that added excitement. And the new version goes all out to eradicate that.

That 40% weight saving comes up trumps again, giving us added response under foot, and a much more nimble and responsive ride. The new two-channel Dynamic Response active lean control and suspension system eliminates body roll and creates a much more positive ride. At speed on windy roads it actually feels a safer and more comfortable rider than many supercars. Yes you might not have the wow factor, but the new Range Rover is effortless beyond belief.

Off the Road

Yes, you read that right. Many people seem to think the Range Rover as a city car, a luxury cruiser. And whilst that may be true, you can’t help but feel it’s real home is in the fields. This, like the last, will tackle anything you throw at it, and come out with a smile on it’s face the other side.

As one of the top production off-roaders in the world there are no worries, and it’s even been made a little easier. The new Land Rover Terrain Response® 2 System manages settings and terrain for you, bringing off-road to every driver. You could argue this does remove a little excitement and extra skill. But you can always disable it…!



The interior and quality of any Range Rover needs no introductions, it’s something you come to expect, and even take for granted. The new model will again head down the less is more route, with a 50% reduction in buttons. Though I can’t help feel they have all been crammed on the steering wheel which looks a little like something out of Star Wars.

Technology wise, anything that you won’t find in the cabin, you won’t ever need. One of the best touch screens we have ever used and an option to have every seat a massage chair. I would say the technology goes too far, the dash is all digital including the dials, and this is one trend I want to stop right now! Bring us back real dials! I don’t want to sit in a car and feel like I am in a large toy, a well designed dial can make or break a car interior in my opinion, and let’s not lose that.

Although previous incarnations have slid into the luxury segment, some would argue they still fall slightly short, especially with a lack of legroom in the back. That is all change in the 2013 Range. Not only will you find an extra 118mm of potential leg room in the back seats, you can also choose an executive 2 seat option as an extra with full center console splitting them.


New Range Rover Review 2013 Verdict

I started this trip worrying I was going to experience a ruined and pampered icon, a sacrifice of manliness and capability for a burst of speed and excitement. But somehow Range Rover have managed it all in the same package.

It’s never going to be the cheapest car in the world, but starting at £71,295 it’s not a large increase on the previous model, yet you get a lot more.

The all new Range Rover is without doubt one of the most versatile cars in the world, and it caught me, hook, line and sinker. I’m off to sell my house and pick-up my new mobile super home in January.

Stay tuned for our 2013 Range Rover on-road and off-road video review.