New Self Service Garage

Ever needed to do work on your car and you just haven’t got the space, or it is crapping it down with rain? Well a few guys and gals believe they have found the answer, the worlds first self service garage.

Basically pitstart provides flat bays along with lift bays that are available to rent per hour. It’s a communal workspace with curtains for some segregation. You can pre-book or drop in 24 hours per day to work. Standard bays are just £10 per hour, while one of the 6 bays with a four ton 4 post lift will set you back £20 per hour.

Pit Start provide common tools for free use, as well as a range of service manuals, oils and car fluids available on site. They also store a directory of local mechanics, and a same day parts service.

You can pretty much anything except for welding, paint spraying or any fuel related tasks and for the first month bay rental is 50% off.

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