With performance numbers growing and designs becoming far more aesthetically appealing, the perception of electric cars is gradually changing. Most e-cars don’t appear to be green simply by looking but the Hemispherio Criativo Nimbus e-Car concept couldn’t be more flower-power, at first glance at least.

Nimbus e-Car

The Nimbus e-Car is a five-person electric-powered van that is made for both short distances in urban areas and longer trips in varied terrain. Its hybrid engine and efficient energy consumption system, Hemispherio Criativo say, provides greater driving range and energy saving than other all-electric cars.

Nimbus has a 130Kw (180hp) electrical engine lithium-ion battery powered which works simultaneously with a micro combustion generator which constantly charges the batteries. It’s built with very strong and lightweight materials, including carbon-fibre, titanium and aluminium, which optimises its energy consumption which stands at 1.30 L/100 km.

Handily, there are four selectable driving modes to improve the range and energy consumption, depending on the circumstances: Energy Saver, Standard Trip, Faster Cruise and 4WD.

Part of the Nimbus is covered with solar panels, which allows the Nimbus to automatically generate some of its own energy. Its regenerative brake mechanism also makes the Nimbus able to recover and save kinetic energy. So it’s very green.

However green it might be, the Nimbus e-Car does also back a technological punch. The Central Display and Controller is a removable 7” touchscreen from which the driver or front seat passenger can control the sound system, interior lights, air conditioning, Sat-Nav and also access the media browser and Internet services, including Skype and social media. It also relays up-to-the minute information on incline, altitude, weather, and general vehicle info which is extremely useful if you use your Nimbus for some serious travelling.

It won’t be for everyone, but this Mystery Machine looking vehicle will be loved by those who adore the iconic VW Campervan. We think that might be us. The smooth curves and panoramic windows offer passengers a nearly 360-degree view and is a height of practicality. It’s created by a Brazilian artist and designer named Eduardo Galvani, and you can tell it’s had an artist’s touch. We think the aesthetic is excellent.

It’s just a concept at the moment but with the love it’s been receiving, we’d be very surprised if the Nimbus e-Car doesn’t go into production very soon. No word on pricing yet either is a bit of a worry but we’ll just have to keep an eye out!




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