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Nissan 2020 Concept

We’ve all created our own outlandish players, characters and cars on games consoles, daring to dream that our visions could be made into a reality. To celebrate the driving video game Gran Turismo’s 15th birthday, a team of young creative bods at Nissan Design Europe in London got the chance to do exactly that and have created their ideal concept car. It was so good, Nissan went and made it. Introducing the Nissan Concept 2020 Vision Gran Turismo.

The covers came off the virtual supercar last week at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Developed specifically for the Playstation-only game Gran Turismo 6, a download avatar of the car will be available to download for gamers from July. It comes is 10 different shades and gives us a fair indication as to “what high performance Nissan could look like in the future.”

“This is in line with the Nissan philosophy”, said Koji Nagano, Vice President of Nissan Design Europe. “In reality, not everyone would be able to own a car like the Nissan Concept 2020 Vision Gran Turismo, but through Gran Turismo anyone can drive it and experience Nissan’s promise of delivering innovation that excites.” Self-confessed geeks like us at Average Joe’s are certainly excited.

The advanced aerodynamic body of the concept car was considered to have such genuine potential that the Japanese engineering team at Nissan felt they had to take car from virtual concept to reality. It’s also doubly exciting as it gives us big clues as to what features we should expect from the upcoming Nissan GT-R Supercar due in 2017.

Much like the GT-R, the Nissan 2020 has a large two-door coupe bodystyle, a slim wraparound glasshouse and narrow vertical headlights. The front end is striking with air intakes that will engulf cyclists and pedestrians whole (not literally (we think)), angular wheel arches, a distinctive and flared spoiler not to mention the gigantic diffuser. The styling is said to “bring race-developed airflow to a road car environment.”

It most definitely looks futuristic. A beautiful future we want to be a part of. Unfortunately, it’s only “real” to look. If you want to drive it, you’ll have to get yourself a playstation. But the Nissan 2020 ticks so many boxes for us geeks it’s untrue. We hope you’re as excited as we are.

Interestingly Ford and Aston Martin teamed up with Gran Turismo last weekend, perhaps gaming is the future of driving?




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