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Nissan Bladeglider

Three years ago Nissan showcased a race car intended for Indy Tracks. Two years later, a modified version of the vehicle then dubbed the DeltaWing was used at Le Mans. The evolution has continued, and the vehicle has now assumed the moniker “BladeGlider” and it takes the form of a fully road ready high performance electric concept car.

The debut for the Nissan BladeGlider is set for the Tokyo Motor Show later this month, and the word on the street is that the car is being produced as a pointer towards the future direction of Nissans development of electric vehicles, and to explore options for an upcoming production vehicle due for release inside the next 3 years.

The BladeGlider looks set to incorporate lithium-ion batteries positioned low down for added grip, with the production version potentially being the first production car to use in-wheel electric motors. The design is unusual in many ways, with Nissan having cleaned the slate whilst designing the concept. The front footprint is just a metre wide, which was shown to increase handling and aerodynamics on the DeltaWing at Le Mans, yet the back wheels are 1.8 metres apart making for a unique footprint, and the unorthodox nature does not stop there.


The drivers position is front and centre, and the Bladeglider includes two passenger seats set back with access from two upward swinging doors akin to a space-age Lambo’. The narrow front end does not seem to dampen performance either with the wide rear track providing increased downforce and the front tyres gripping enough to corner at over 120mph.

All looks pretty exciting from Nissan, we’re just wondering what we are going to get when the road going version hits the market? Hopefully the front will look a bit prettier with a more symmetrical footprint, as that could be a quite beautiful car. But at the moment it looks more mobility scooter than sports car unfortunately.




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