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Ortega Mk. 1C Three Seater Personal Submarine

It might not be the first things that springs to mind when you’re writing your Christmas shopping list but is it just us or have you ever thought about owning your own submarine? Well, now’s your chance with the Ortega Mk. 1C submersible!

Yes, Dutch company Ortega Submersibles have just announced details to their latest electric submersible boat. Capable of fast long range travel, the Mk. 1C model is a three-seater submersible that can function both above and under water.

Inspired by the ‘Sleeping Beauty’ motorised submersible used by the British Navy during World War II, the Ortega Submersibles Mk. 1C is an ergonomic, multi-purpose vessel which has been designed for the Dutch special forces, and is also being made available for the average Joe who’s always dreamed of their own submarine.

Ortega Personal Submarine 4
Constructed using highly advanced naval technology, the Mk. 1C is powered along by two high-power, electric motors. It comes fully equipped with a trimming tank for buoyancy control, on-board breathing apparatus and a HUD navigation system.

There are also options of Magnetometers, Sonar, FLIR, extra air supply or an extended cargo hold of up to 250 litres. The Mk. 1C submersible has a dive depth of 310 feet (95m), a range of 92 miles, and an over-water speed of 10.4 mph and underwater speed of 12.7 mph.

The Ortega Mk. 1C three-seater submersible doesn’t have a price tag yet but should do in the near future. Keep up to date over at the Ortega Submersibles Website.

Ortega Personal Submarine 1
Ortega Personal Submarine 3



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