It’s a well-known certified fact that the front seat of a sports car is the best place to be in the entire world. And while we’re sure the added extras that come with it play a little role in that, the thought of having one in your office is now an exciting possibility thanks to the Joes at Porsche, who have released a cockpit style seat inspired by the 911 for separate release!

Porsche 911 Office Chair

Yes, Porsche owners need never truly leave the comfort of the driver’s seat with the German giant’s new Office Chair RS. It’s virtually identical to the 911 seat with Porsche promising the chair uses the same leather and Alcantara.

The Office Chair RS also comes with some features that are frankly quite unnecessary but seriously cool nonetheless. As well as standard features like adjustments to the seat height and armrests, there’s also nice touches such as the jacket hook at the back.

Porsche 911 Office Chair 3
However, the really cool part is the electrically adjustable backrest that comes complete with a rechargeable battery for power for your phone, laptop or whatever else. You’ll find original Porsche embossed branding on the head-rest too.

As cool as owning the Porsche Office Chair RS would undoubtedly be, there is one slight issue; the price. If you head over to the Porsche Website, you’ll see the 911-inspired chair is being sold for $6,570, which works out at about £4,500. To put that into perspective, you could afford to take a driving experience in the 944 for around the same amount. Ouch.

Porsche 911 Office Chair 2



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