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Porsche Hybrid 911

Porsche Hybrid 911

Not for your Porsche Purists out there, but for those who always wanted one, but were always worried about it’s effect on your carbon print (there must be one of you, no?). Worry no more as a Porsche 911 Hybrid has been spotted testing.

After recent announcements of the Cayenne and Panamera going green this is hardly a big surprise, but it seems the hybrid may be closer than you think. Sporting a very strange bulge with a lightening bolt and something that looks like a batman sticker the car has both electric and petrol engines.

Expect the new electric motor to power the front wheels whilst your usual boxer engine will drive the rear. This will give you options of the front wheel drive milkfloat, or performance four wheel drive petrol-electric hybrid.

More to follow as we have it.

Porsche 911 Hybrid

Porsche 911 Hybrid



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