Range Rover Evoque Convertible

Land Rover have just announced the world’s first luxury SUV convertible in the Range Rover Evoque Convertible and while it could be written off as a bit gimmicky, we actually like the sounds coming out of the exhort!

On paper, the Evoque Convertible could easily be written off as an SUV-light for the trendy folk of Chelsea to drive around the country in at weekends but this Range Rover is packing some decent numbers.

This Evoque is made to be driven and as such, Land Rover have made the convertible surprisingly practical. It has a five-layer fabric roof that can be operated even when you’re driving at speeds of up to 30mp – it’s down in around 18 seconds and back up in 21. There’s also been a big focus of keeping the roof quiet, which we like to hear!

The Evoque Convertible comes with a standard nine-speed automatic gearbox and all-wheel drive. 0-62mph is done in 10.3 seconds and it’ll max out at around 121mph. To help it along the way, this Range River comes with a newly designed rear spoiler that will allegedly cut drag as well as look badass.

It should also be said early on that this convertible thankfully isn’t a two-seater. The new Evoque comes with four seats, the back two of which actually appear to be usable! Inside, Joes will get a 10.2-inch InControl Touch Pro navigation interface to control all the usual gizmos. It has a pretty respectable 251-litre boot too.

Land Rover say the Convertible can tow caravans and the like up to 1500kg and that’s probably because this is made of stern stuff and the weight reflects that. The diesel model, for example, comes in at a whopping 1967kg, which is up around 260kg from the hardtop. So don’t go over any rickety looking bridges!

It might be Land Rover most controversial car ever but we like the look of the Range Rover Evoque Convertible. Joes can get it in petrol or diesel with prices starting at the £47,500. Head over to the Range Rover Website for more details.