The all new Range Rover Sport comes to the marketplace hot on the heels of the new Range Rover which you may remember we loved last year. It was also recently used to pick up our future King, young Prince George of Cambridge from the hospital and transfer him safely home. In that sense it has some pretty big shoes to fill in terms of association and profile, but will it live up to the precedent set by the new Range Rover? Read on for our all new Range Rover Sport Review.

Range Rover Sport Review

Upon its release there will be 3 models hitting the market – the entry level 3.0 litre turbodiesel, a 3.0 litre supercharged V6, and a rather exhilarating 5.0 litre supercharged V8, with a fourth option (a 4.4 litre parallel sequentially turbocharged diesel) scheduled for early next year.

We unleashed the all new Range Rover Sport on some of the finest roads in the UK, and some of the best off-road courses around (and even through a Boeing 747..) to see what the all new Range Rover Sport is really capable of.

Range Rover Sport Styling

Sharing design genetics with both its smaller and bigger brothers (the Evoque & Range Rover respectively) there is a pleasant and reassuring consistency to the Range Rover catalogue. The all new Sport has had a comprehensive update from the outgoing model, with 75% of the parts involved being completely unique. The chassis has completely changed, with the new Sport being 65mm longer and 55mm wider than its predecessor, but with the new model being 39% lighter with an aluminium body shell, the response when you touch the accelerator is definitely not compromised. The overall impressions of the aesthetics are that the vehicle is much sleeker with a more contemporary feel, yet still maintaining an air of power and presence synonymous with the Range Rover experience. It offers the driver a sportier outlook further hinting at the improved driving performance.


Range Rover Sport – On The Road

The all new Sport feels more like a roadster to handle than anything else. It feels agile and stable even when pushed, with the torque vectoring feature allowing the vehicle to literally tuck you into the corners (the torque is distributed and compensated differently depending on which wheels are turning in to the corner, allowing the vehicle to really grip the road). The all new Sport sticks like superglue – remaining composed throughout the most sweeping of country bends with the Dynamic Response setting firming things up and also contributing to the change in ability. The ride is extremely comfortable with four corner air suspension, improved stability, a tighter body control and reduced roll for a more precise and comfortable ride. It just feels well balanced and you really can trust that it will go where you want it to go – as if it instinctively knows.

With the 5.0 litre V8 kicking out 510bhp and doing 0-60 in just 5.0 seconds, you genuinely have near super-car performance to go with the responsive and agile ride.

Range Rover Sport Off Road

Should you require a car that is versatile to the extreme then the all new Range Rover Sport could be for you. It is jam-packed with features, with Land Rover UK setting out their design ethos to deliver their customers more Range Rover with more Sport. The sporty aspect can be showcased on a country road using apex after sweeping apex, but to really see what the all new Sport is capable of, you need to give it a run out off-piste. There are numerous features which allow you to cope with literally any situation the outdoors can throw at you. The ride height can me amended to rise high to clear even the most unpleasant obstacles with the wheels and axles articulating by 546mm – more than any other vehicle in its class. There is a Terrain Response mode which will automatically assess the surface you are driving on, or you can manually select from general, grass/gravel/snow, mud/ruts, sand and rock crawl to help the driver maximise on grip on any surface encountered.

Alongside this there is a feature called Wade Sensing, which using laser technology will assess how deep the water is, and if it is indeed possible to wade through (the all new Range Rover Sport can wade in water with no issue up to an astonishing 850mm). The Hill Descent mode is also pretty special; the car is capable of navigating extreme slopes, and using the active electronic differential, the vehicle can be steered down the steepest of hills without having to touch the brake pedal. The car will gently ease you down the slope, the e-diff locking up as necessary to gain more traction, and ultimately delivering you to the bottom safely.


Range Rover Sport Interior

The ride position is high up, and as such you look down on the hatchbacks and saloons. This viewpoint instils a certain mindset, you feel energised & powerful. The luxurious interior only enahnces this confidence, with the interior featuring a robust centre console containing your entertainment system, navigation and ride controls. The console is pretty funky, and looks best in the carbon fibre effect, it has a modern swagger that is also echoed by elements such as the door cards, upholstery and suede ceiling carpet. There is the option to have TV’s in the rear of the headrests for the passengers in row two, who also have access to their own climate control settings, media and wireless over-ear headphones. The Meridian audio system is impressive to say the least belting out sounds from Kasabian to Michael Buble with crystal clear acoustics. The real winner though, must be the 5+2 seating feature. There are two extra seats folded away in the floor of the luggage area for occasional passengers, which come complete with their own climate control access for added comfort, opening the all new Range Rover Sport up to a whole new area of the market.

All New Range Rover Sport Review Verdict

This is a very special car. It signifies the ultimate synergy between a sports car and a 4×4, the ultimate SUV. It provides practicality, safety, comfort and excitement wrapped up in one luxurious package. Where other crossovers fail to reach their desired heights, this car seems to be able to nail them all. It has excitement in spades, just a little tickle of the accelerator will produce a cockpit full of the engine note of a V8 to back up this statement (and make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end).

The confidence of knowing wholeheartedly that this is a Range Rover, and you are ready for anything is incredibly reassuring. Its like the vehicle was designed by a boy scout and an SAS soldier. The scout wants the driver to always “Be Prepared” and the SAS soldier just keeps saying “who dares wins…”

The result? The stunning all new Range Rover Sport.

Review Models Stats:

Range Rover Sport V8 Supercharged Autobiography Dynamic. £81,550; 0-60mph 5.0 secs; Top Speed Limited to 155mph; Economy 22.1 mpg; CO2 298g/km, Engine 4999cc V8 Petrol; Power 510PS; Weight 2310kg; Gearbox 8 speed auto/manual.



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