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Remote Control Range Rover

Self-driving and autonomous cars are looking more and more immanent as each day goes by with more and more car manufacturers throwing their technological weight behind it. The latest in that mould is Jaguar Land Rover who have just revealed prototype technology to enable autonomous driving in the future!

Rather cooly, a Remote Control Range Rover Sport demonstrates how to control the vehicle from outside the car via a smartphone app. The app includes all the essentials with the control of steering, accelerator and brakes as changing from high and low range.

In theory, this would allow the driver to walk alongside the car, at a maximum speed of 4mph, to manoeuvre their car out of challenging situations safely, or even to negotiate difficult off-road terrain.

Other advantages could be that the driver could use the smartphone to reverse the car out of a parking space if someone has parked too close for comfort. No more sending out your friend to show you how much room you’ve got to park either!

Being an off-roader, this technology could also be beneficial to Joes when the vehicle is fording a stream or traversing sections made slippery by mud or snow.

The remote control function will only operate if the user is within 10 metres of the car and if the smart key can be detected. The system will stop the vehicle if the driver moves out of range or gets too close.

Jaguar Land Rover have also revealed their ‘Multi-Point Turn’ Range Rover which is capable of autonomously manoeuvring through 180-degrees to turn the car in the road and point the car in the opposite direction. The advantages of this are obvious – the car could extricate itself from dead-end roads or congested car parks, as well as performing many drivers’ least favourite manoeuvre – the three-point turn in a busy street or car park.

All this technology is a result of Jaguar Land Rover’s advanced research programme which has the aim of enhancing their cars’ sensing capability. The project is currently developing a range of sophisticated sensors to make autonomous cars viable in a range of driving environments and weather conditions.

Due to its off-road capabilities, you can see how autonomous driving is probably more of a challenge for Jaguar Land Rover than for most other car brands. But the sounds coming out of Land Rover suggest they mean business. Watch this space!




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